Beth Nielsen Chapman | The Mighty Sky

July 24, 2013 at 3:30 PM

The Mighty Sky is a beautifully crafted album and perhaps the first of its kind. The Mighty Sky is a science song project, meant to inspire, to teach, and also to remind us of the Universe's stunning mysteries and wonders.

The focus of the album is the science of astronomy and was created by hit songwriters Beth Nielsen Chapman, Annie Roboff, and the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory Director Rocky Alvey.

Each song is a different genre and each phrase delivers an important concept, often in a subtle way, about foundational celestial facts. You will find these melodies captivating, plus they are first-class teaching tools. Listeners may not become astronomers, but The Mighty Sky promises an eye-opening view of our place in the Universe.

The science of astronomy is borderless. Inherently, it promotes the thought that we are all citizens of a greater universe. There are no lines of demarcation in space. We are all astronauts traveling on the same ship, a very small and fragile sphere, hurtling through the universe together. We all look out the same portal at an infinite view. As such, we should all see that we have a common interest to unite in order to preserve our future on our spaceship, Earth.

Beth, Rocky, and Annie

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